Implementing or updating an Epicor solution typically means a change to the way your business operates. Those involved with this change need to collect a lot of information to clearly understand the impact of the new technology on current work functions. The same information you collect to ensure a smooth technology introduction can also be used to support Lean process improvement,
achieve compliance certification, or just make it easier for staff to do a better job.

XSOL InOrder™ is an Enterprise Process Planning (EPP) solution that helps you visualize, define, improve, and implement your new or updated business processes. This dynamic tool allows you to rapidly improve the way you do business by capturing critical business processes that you can use to model, document, and deploy to everyone in your organization, at anytime. It also allows you to analyze processes to make sure they are as Lean as possible. All of these factors improve efficiencies, enhance the way you can conduct your business, and drive a greater return on your ERP investment.

XSOL InOrder replicates the structure and components of business in a model that drills down to individual staff roles and the tasks they undertake. At the push of a button, procedural details in the form of numbers, text, tables, images documents, and videos can be added to the structure. The model’s content can then be deployed to your Intranet as a Web or Word document. Any subsequent changes you make can be republished instantly to the applicable parties involved with the process. Because XSOL is a model, when updating processes the user only needs to make a change in one place. XSOL automatically updates all affected areas and shows where the change might create a problem. Process documentation created by other means, such as flowcharting tools, require users to remember each place that may be affected by a change and to hope that the updated flowcharts and text are in sync. This can lead to mistakes and a longer revision process.

XSOL InOrder also has management analytics that show the effectiveness of your business based on the data captured at the workplace level when defining a process. With just a little extra effort, the data collected can deliver a diagnostic of the health of your business processes.

Before XSOL, we were in the dark. We had manuals – but let’s be honest, no one used them. That had some big consequences. For a start, it meant people didn’t know the processes, or what their jobs were about.

Faleafa Talaia

Compliance Officer

XSOL has given us an easy way to explain what we do. That’s made us more coherent and cohesive as a business. It’s easy to use and allowed us to “Keep it simple”. That was key for us.

John Hill


Using XSOL has mitigated the danger and cost to the business of oversight during any Information System project.

Mark Palmer

IS Program Manager

Customer Success Stories

It’s now at the point in the University where no strategic project happens without process management and change management and XSOL is a key part of that.

Elspet Garvey

Manager, Business Process Management Office, University of Auckland

As a quality management consultant, it helped me help them – no question. It showed everyone where the start line and finish line was. XSOL fi rst gave us both the goal and the timeframe, then helped us deliver the goal to the time frame.

Alan Sheath

ISO Consultant

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