DMS-SalesUp – is the solution for organizations that want to maximize the productivity and customer satisfaction of their sales staff and Distributors. DMS-SalesUp keeps sales focused on the job at hand and takes care of the administrative tasks by:

  • Providing real time access to the Epicor business systems
  • Shortening the order to cash cycle
  • Reclaiming time previously lost to travel and connectivity issues
  • Assisting deeper business relationships through immediate access to information
  • Allows immediate action on opportunities
  • Increases the accuracy of data capture
  • Allows sales to transact business where it happens, regardless of location or connectivity

DMS-Sales Up Model

2-ways Integration with Epicor ERP with DMS-SalesUp – scheduled & automatically

SalesUp Features – On Mobile Device

1. Login/Log out/Change Password for each user account

2. View Route Plan on Google map, data filtering of customers and products to match user profile

3. Customer Visitation with GPS tracking (Record GPS Position/Start Visiting/Finish Visiting)

4. View Announcement

5. View Promotion Programs

6. Record the Stock On hand at Customer for special products

7. Record the Stock On hand at Customer for Competitors’ products

8. Take Sales Order with Promotion calculation

9. View Customer History (Orders)

10. Sales Return

11. Online/ Offline – work with or without a connection to the internet

12. Customer Survey/Feedback

13. Answer Daily Questions

14. Take Customers’ shops photos (for display management)

15. New Customer Creation

16. Reports – more than 10 built-in reports

DMS-SalesUp Center Features

1. Route Plan Management/ View Actual vs Plan

2. Sales Quota Management/ View Actual vs Plan

3. Company Management

4. Announcement Management

5. Sales Order Adjustment/Confirmation

6. Promotion Program Management

7. Customer Survey Management

8. Display Management

9. Security Management

10. Reports & Dashboards – more than 20 reports & dashboards