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Epicor ERP Training Service

3S Consultants has certified “Epicor ERP Consultant” from Epicor University

We have more than 5,000 hours to train Epicor ERP, Epicor iScala, XSOL InOrder, etc. to our customers and staff. The 3S training team consists of senior implementation consultants who certified by the Epicor University, they also have deployed at least 5 ERP projects. Therefore they do not only train you with the knowledge of the courses but also can expand the advanced knowledge in detail as well as share more experience to you.

Some training services from 3S:

Đào tạo Epicor ERP trực tiếp tại nơi làm việc

  • In-house training for users (at customer’s location or 3S office)

    We have a Training room with Epicor ERP train environment for training up to 20 people. You can choose the training location either at 3S or at your company.


  • Online training via video conference

    In cases moving to the 3S training location or your company will take a lot of time and cost, the online training option is a good alternative instead of in-house training.

    Our training room is also equipped with both Hardware and Software solutions for online training, which will help the training sessions happen smoothly.


  • Get trained by enrolling Epicor ERP courses from 3S Learning Management System (LMS)

    In many cases, if your employees need to be familiar with the Epicor ERP system or cannot arrange full-time training, sign up to use our Learning Management System. Your employees can learn, watch demos, practice exercises and take the test exams 24/7. The results are also aggregated and sent back to you.

    This system is especially suitable for training new employees in your company to be familiar with using Epicor system before being provided working accounts on the Live/Production environment. In addition to lectures, there are exercises/workshops with different modes in the subjects from this LMS such as Demo, Tutorial, Practice & Test to make sure you know how to work with Epicor ERP.

Several Training Courses

Epicor ERP Solution
 Getting Started with Epicor ERP (Navigation)Giới thiệu & làm quen với Epicor ERP
 Pre-Requisite Education (Customer, Supplier, ….)Hiểu biết cơ bản các danh mục quan trọng như Customer, Supplier, Part, … và kiến thức nền tảng liên quan các phân hệ chính trong Epicor
 System FlowQuy trình xuyên suốt trong Epicor
Financial & Accounting Management
 General LedgerSổ cái
 Advanced General LedgerSổ cái nâng cao
 Accounts ReceivablePhải Thu
 Accounts PayablePhải Trả
 Currency ManagementQuản lý Đơn vị tiền tệ
 Cash ManagementQuản lý Tiền
 Asset ManagementQuản lý Tài sản
 Bank ReconciliationBank Reconciliation
 Advanced AllocationsPhân bổ nâng cao
 Tax EngineThuế
 Job CostingGiá thành Sản xuất
 Financial Report DesignerCông cụ làm Financial Report
 Deferred Revenue AccountingDeferred Revenue Accounting
 Debit Note ProcessingDebit Note Processing
 Year End Processing and ProceduresKhóa sổ cuối kỳ/ năm
 Multi-CompanyĐa công ty
Supply Chain Management
 Inventory ManagementQuản lý Kho
 Inventory Management – Specialized ProcessingQuản lý Kho – Các trường hợp đặc biệt
 Purchase ManagementQuản lý Mua hàng
 Shipping and ReceivingQuản lý Giao / Nhận
 RMA ProcessingQuản lý Trả hàng
 Purchase RequisitionsYêu cầu Mua hàng
 Serial Number TrackingTruy vết theo Serial Number
 Cycle CountingKiểm Kê
 Landed CostChi phí phân bổ Mua hàng
 Advanced Material ManagementQuản lý NVL Nâng cao
 HandheldỨng dụng Handheld và Barcode trong Quản lý
 Multi-Site ManagementQuản lý Đa Site
Sales Management
 Customer Relationship ManagementQuản lý quan hệ khách hàng
 Quote ManagementQuản lý Báo giá
 Order ManagementQuản lý Đơn hàng bán
 Customer PricingChính sách giá
 Case ManagementQuản lý các Tình huống
 Sales KittingThiết lập Sales Kit
 Order Fulfillment (Allocation)Phân bổ / Chỉ định nguyên liệu, Sản phẩm
Production Management
 Engineering/ MOM (Method of Manufacturing)Quản lý Phương thức Sản xuất
 Job ManagementQuản lý Lệnh Sản xuất
 Advanced Production ManagementQuản lý Sản xuất Nâng cao
 Manufacturing Execution System ( MES )Hệ thống Thực Thi Sản xuất ở Xưởng
 Material Requirements PlanningNhu cầu nguyên vật liệu
 SchedulingLập lịch
 Advanced Planning and SchedulingLên kế hoạch và Lập lịch nâng cao
 Quality AssuranceQuản lý chất lượng
 Enhanced Quality AssuranceQuản lý chất lượng nâng cao
 ConfiguratorCấu hình Sản phẩm
Service Management
 Project Management / Project CostingQuản lý dự án
 Project BillingCác phương thức tính doanh thu Dự án
 Time and Expense ManagementQuản lý Thời gian & Chi phí
Tools Management
 Data Management ToolCông cụ import dữ liệu
 Introduction to the DashboardGiới thiệu về Bảng điều khiển
 Database ConceptsKhái quát về Cơ sở dữ liệu Epicor
 Business Activity QueriesCông cụ truy vấn dữ liệu
 Advanced DashboardsBảng điều khiển nâng cao
 SQL Server Reporting ServicesPhát triển Report SSRS
 Embedded CustomizationHiệu chỉnh phần mềm
 Advanced Embedded CustomizationHiệu chỉnh phần mềm nâng cao
 Auto Print ControlKiểm soát in ấn tự động
 Business Process ManagementQuản lý quy trình nghiệp vụ
 Advanced Business Process ManagementQuản lý quy trình nghiệm vụ nâng cao
System Administration & Security Management
 Epicor ERP Installation OverviewTổng quan cài đặt Epicor ERP
 System Setup and ManagementQuản lý và thiết lập hệ thống
 System AdministrationQuản trị hệ thống
Enterprise Content Management with Docstar

Quản trị nội dung với Epicor Docstar

Business Process Modeling with XSOL

Mô hình hóa nghiệp vụ với XSOL

Customers Talk About Us and Epicor Solutions

"The solution is applicable to most Departments of the Company, especially it is good for Production Planning and Warehouse Management, Change Control related to Formulations; Manufacturing Processes. Using the system helps us to track the real-time data at the Workshops. Information Inquiry on Epicor ERP is also easy and fast. The function of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is applied on the System and no Excel needed as before. 3S team also enthusiastically supported us to make the ERP system Live during 4 months implementation only. They also helped us to deploy Epicor ERP for other 10 companies in the Group a few months ago".

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa

Vice General Director, Greenvet Group

“Epicor ERP is a good and suitable solution. We chose Epicor ERP after months of evaluation and compared it to other international ERP solutions. In addition, Epicor's partner in Vietnam, 3S Software Company, they has a lot of experience in implementing Epicor ERP and that really helps a lot for the project, which is the basis for the Golive project during the shorter than originally planned. "

Mr.Nguyen Quang Vinh

Head of IT Department, METKRAFT

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