Epicor ERP System Installation

Cài đặt hệ thống Epicor ERP

We installed more than 100 Epicor servers, SQL Database Server, … including Epicor 9.05, Epicor 10, Epicor 10.1 and Epicor 10.2 with load balancing models (2 Epicor servers or more, …), Epicor Docstar, XSOL InOrder, ECC, ….

Our technical team has a deep understanding of Epicor application, Microsoft SQL Server, Network infrastructure, Windows Server, Security, Virtualization … they are also got the Microsoft certifications, VMware for security and system management, ..

  • Certification of Network Administrator (MCSA Security – Microsoft Certified System Administrator & Security)
  • Certification of System Virtualization Expert (VMware Certified Professional)
  • Certifications / completing courses related to security, network security such as CEH, MCSE, Security +,…

Epicor ERP System Administration Service

Quản trị hệ thống Epicor ERP

It is really necessary to have a staff who is responsible for managing ERP system, however, if you have not found the right staff yet for this position at the current time, it is also not a must to manage Epicor ERP system immediately. Let us help you ! We will provide you the Epicor ERP System Administration service. It includes database backup, database maintenance, Epicor account management, authorization, monitoring and customization so that ERP Epicor system performance is always in the best condition…

In addition, we also provide other related support services such as managing and declaring master data, training your new employees,…

Epicor ERP Support / Helpdesk

Hỗ trợ người dùng Epicor ERP

We have a Customer Support team to be able to provide support after the project Live to ensure that the Epicor ERP system works stably. We use the Support Management System (Ticket Management System) with Service Level Agreement (SLA) to manage support calls and solve problems submitted from customers.

As the leading & experienced Epicor Authorized partner in Vietnam, we are the first level support for most of the issues that customers encounter during the operation of the Epicor ERP system. For issues that come from Epicor ERP software itself and are beyond our ability to resolve, we will help you to escalate the issue to the Epicor Hotline Support in Asia.