3S provides consulting and implementing services for Epicor ERP software as well as Enterprise Management Softwares such as Production Management Software, Warehouse Management Software, Sales Management Software, Supply Chain Management Software, Business Process Management Software, Enterprise Content Management, MES, E-Commerce, Mobile Sales.

Epicor ERP solution includes the following modules:

  • Financial Management
  • Purchasing Management and Supplier Relationship Management
  • Inventory Managing, Shipping/Receiving
  • Engineering / Formula Management (Bill of materials / Manufacturing process / Version)
  • Production and Advanced Production Management
  • Quality Assurance and Advanced Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Planning and Scheduling, Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Human Capital Management and Payroll
  • Document Management and Hierarchy Approved Processes (DocStar)
  • Online MES system – connect with production machines

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Epicor ERP Project Implementation Based on Signature Methodology

If you have researched / studies the ERP project implementation several years ago, you can realize there were only a few successfully ERP projects. But the success rate has gradually increased due to the ERP Software Providers had concluded and provided the ERP Software Implementation Methodology. With tens of thousands of projects over the world for more than 30 years, Epicor has proposed an ERP Software Implementation Methodology called “Signature” (Signature Methodology). This methodology also builds on the common standard of Project Management from PMI (Project Management Institute) – USA. The Signature methodology is required for all Epicor ERP projects by Epicor and Epicor partners over the world.

To ensure Epicor ERP projects successfully, 3S implementation team have had to learn, take examination, experience through ERP projects and thereby they get certified from Epicor University since 2005 (more than 15 years) and then continuously upgraded in the following years.

The Signature methodology leads 3S to be customer-oriented, and encourages responsibilities among the parties so that Projects can achieve completely successful. This is the high structured methodology, provids the proven implementation ability , 3S applies Signature methodology to lead Customers through a multi-stage process. All Stages includes many tasks which are from the in-depth analysis of business requirements to all methods of transfer. This enables customers to start using Epicor solution quickly for their daily processing, but most importantly, this methodology may also help the Business owners to see their income on the investment in the shortest time.

The Epicor Signature Implementation methododology consists of the following stages:


This is the first stage before signing the ERP implementation contract. 3S will have to find out the needs of the business such as for which purpose the enterprise needs to implement ERP Software and which problems your company needs to solve. Normally when you look for an ERP solution, it means that you are encountering the critical issues need to be solved. If you can not resolve the issues right now, it can lead to the serious consequences such as reducing revenues, reducing competition in the market, increasing costs, discrete and ineffective processes, reducing product quality, poor customer service and getting many complaints from customers.

Please let usknow the 5 biggest problems that your business is facing, byimplementing Epicor ERP , your 5 issues will be resolved and you can compare the total cost that you can save (or revenue increase) for your company with the previous periods you do not apply the Epicor ERP system. It is sure that this is the most justifiable reason to help you deciding whether to invest in the Epicor ERP project or not and 3S is a trusted partner to work together with you during the implementation process.

This is the Stage that you selected Epicor ERP to help managing your company. Our consulting team will conduct a survey and work with you in more detail about your business requirements as well as review and mapping your business process with Epicor ERP Process, then find the GAPs (differences between your business requirements and Epicor ERP standard features and processes).

Epicor ERP system will be also installed for the foundation training in the next stages.

Based on the GAPs, we and your  Team will also agree on the project implementation plan in order to meet the Scope, Budget and Time requirements as well as the Communication methods, Change management, Quality management, … for the project.

Foundation & Application Training

Your Core Teams will be trained to work with Epicor ERP Software and to understand the capabilities provided from the software.

Application Configuration

Set up a sample database for running simulation in the system.

Business Process Design and Procedure

Discuss and design Business Processes, Procedures, and assign roles / responsibilities in the Processes.

Design hierarchy authorized roles

Data Conversion & Migration

3S Consulting Team will consult and provide the data conversion templates. The master data (for example, customers, suppliers, products, …) and the opening balance from the legacy software will be cleansed and put into the template, and imported into the Epicor ERP system.

GAP Analyze & Completion

Our consulting team will work with you to discuss and provide solutions for the GAPs found. This is an extremely important step which can decide to the success of the project.

With the senior consultants who have more than 10 years of experience and implemented more than 15 ERP projects, we will consult you so that you can take full advantage of the Epicor ERP software capabilities and limit the software customization if not necessary.

Thereby, the project deployment will not take a lot of time, exceed the budget and schedule as well as can ensure the project quality and make the upgrade easier later.

Proof of Concept (Unit Test & End To End Test)

The test cases / scenarios that did happen and will happen in your company in each Department such as Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, Production, … with the sample data from your own comany will be imported into Epicor ERP system and test to see whether or not the Epicor ERP system meet your business expectations , any issues that need to be fixed.

The full implementation of these test cases / scenarios will help to minimize the risks arising that can make changes to the system design during implementation process.

In addition, the CoreTeam from your business’s Departments will also work together and try to run the simulation scenarios throughout the Departments to see if the connection / collaboration between departments is smooth or not as well as the hierarchy roles and responsibilities in the created design need to be adjusted or not.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Running with the sample data successfully does not mean that going live will be also the same because there will still be a lot of situations where running on the sample data can not be found. In addition, running with full data will also show whether the system’s performance meet the business requirements or not.

This is a pilot step before getting Epicor ERP system live . Your company  need to prepare full master data, opening balance, prepare the source documents to enter into the system. Thereby, to check if the results are as expected or not, the list has any mistakes need to be corrected or not, anything needs to be customized or not, the reports and documents used daily and weekly give the correct results or not and if it takes a lot of time to enter data at any step , to see if anything needs to be improve, …

After the achieved results are confirmed, the Consulting Team will provide the Checklist and discuss about the plan with your Core Team to the Live environment.

End user training

The trained end user team

Go-live plan

The new system starts to operate officially (Live). The 3S consulting team will be available for the first 3 – 5 days to support timely when problems are arising. After this period, the 3S consulting team will support remotely. And for the first month, 3S is also available to assist implementing the closing period on the new system.

Stability and Optimization

The system gradually goes into stability and then you can recognize the problems need to be improved and optimized. Your deployment team can resolve the problems by itself or ask for help from 3S Support.

Project Closure


Supporting from 3S will still continue in 6 months – 12 months through the 3S Support Management System.

Customers Talk About Us

“When we actually jumped to Epicor ERP 10, the product configurator changes were incredible from 9.05, and the efficiency change in running a job was also amazing. We were hearing from our users speed improvements of 30 percent, but I think it’s been much faster than that for us-it’s been a huge timesaver that makes it a worthy investment to upgrade our ERP.”

Jack Pennypacker, Network Administrator | Baxter Manufacturing

“The savings we achieved through the Epicor ERP solution have been tremendous. Through the enhanced ability to cross-reference our materials with order histories, we were able to reduce our inventory by 10 percent within the first six months of implementation. This has allowed us to pre-order 40 percent of our raw material and negotiate lower prices with vendors, resulting in significant cost savings and discounts.”

Tracey Gregory, CFO and VP of Finance | Insul-Serve Management Ltd.

“Epicor ERP provides us with an easy-to-use, single dashboard with visibility of various data points in the company. There’s so much valuable information that comes back from the machines on the shop floor that used to be wasted. Now, the management team can review it to make better business decisions.”

Gaurav Chandra, Managing Director | A.C. Brothers

“Our number one priority was finding a vendor that offered an industry-specific solution with a strong track record of success in the region. This is what really sets Epicor apart from most other vendors in the market.”

Arshid Zab, IT Manager | Dolphin Group

“Epicor is at the heart of what we do. Everything runs through it. Our financials, customer service and labor records, inventory, sales and order tracking-it’s all right there in dashboards we customized ourselves. As a result, we see information sooner, make timelier, cost-effective decisions, and develop processes that lower the time and expenses associated with each project.”

Angela Daly, Vice President of Finance | NSPA