Epicor ERP Customization Service

With more than 16 years of experience in consulting, implementing Epicor ERP software and many different Management Information Systems, we have more than 30,000 hours of Analysis, Design, Development and Customize on Epicor ERP or related to Epicor ERP for clients from several countries such as Vietnam, USA, France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Customizing Epicor ERP Software – using Epicor Embedded Customization.

Although we always recommend customers using the Epicor ERP standard functions and processes, there may still be some functions and requirements that need to be customized from Epicor software in order to adapt to the specific business requirements of each enterprise. With the experience over 16 years, we ensure that what we customize in the Epicor ERP system will be convenient and minimizes of errors, mistakes as well as it is very easy to upgrade the newer versions of Epicor later.

Customizing, developing the specific reports and documents for your business needs – using SSRS, BAQ, Dashboard

Epicor ERP has provided hundreds of available reports, documents, and dashboards but the needs for reporting / documenting or the management manners of each company can be different. Therefore, they will still want to customize reports, documents, and dashboards in some cases.


Configuring the Epicor ERP system for Business control points & Compliance – using Epicor BPM (Business Process Management)

There may be many control points or requirements related to the specific Enhancement Standards that your company needs to apply for Compliance, Epicor BPM can assist you in this manner easily. We can train you so that you can use Epicor BPM for configuration / development by yourself, or you can ask us if you don’t have enough of time for resolving or if that is complex requirements and so difficult for you to control.

Developing Charts, KPIs for Analysis (Business Intelligence) using Dashboard, EDD (Epicor Data Discovery), EDA (Epicor Data Analytics)

The data on the Epicor system needs to be presented as meaningful information for the Board of Management, the Board of Directors, the Head of Department and the Users so Epicor provides dozens of Dashboard and KPIs for you.


Integrated Development with other Management Systems / Management Software using Epicor Service Connect (ESC), Epicor Rest APIs / Web Services.

Besides Epicor ERP, which is the backbone of Information Systems in the enterprise, you may also be having one or several other Enterprise Management Systems / Softwares and do not want to change. At this time, the need for integration between Epicor ERP and these softwares is necessary. Epicor provides the available connections that make this integration easier and more secure than ever. You can also integrate with the systems of Suppliers, Customers in order to minimize user inputs, save a lot of time for employees in the company. We have saved for customers 10.000 hours every year through these integrations.

Viet Nam Country Specific Functionalities
Budget Control
Integration with Banks in Vietnam (2-way – from Epicor via banks and vice versa)
Integration with Drawing Design solutions (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Tekla, …)
Integration with Electronic Invoice Systems
Integration with Mobile Sales and Distribution Management System (DMS) solutions
Integration with E-Commerce solutions and Web Order Management System

More than 100 KPIs, Dashboards and other Customizations are available to use