Business Processes Consulting according to Epicor ERP Best Practices

Maybe you already know the sentence of the world’s most famous scientist Albert Einstein, “If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.”

If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.

Albert Einstein

With that in mind, together with the support of the XSOL InOrder – a Business Modeling software, we have available Business Processes in the Company which are modeled and visualized based on the Epicor Best Practices and applied to over 20,000 Enterprises and in over 150 countries. Your company can refer to these Processes and immediately apply to control effectively the process in their company without spending a lot of time to compile, to adjust and disseminate or train for Employees in Company.

Business Process Modeling In Multi-levels Using XSOL InOrder

In addition to the Epicor Best Practices which are often applied for deploying the Epicor ERP projects, if your Company needs to modeling the current business processes in order to see the problems happening through that current process and then can find the way how to optimize, standardize them. We will also be ready to assist you through training you to use Process Modeling software “XSOL InOrder” or we can directly participate the process modeling for your Company.

The modeling process using XSOL InOrder is in multi-levels and linked together so it is very easy to follow, manage, and deploy than using Microsoft Visio . If you are used to use Visio to model processes, you will probably feel so difficulty to associate the processes and the tasks.


As the example above, the Process is organized from the level of an Enterprise (Corporation/Group) to Trading Entities (Company), and each Company will have groups of Processes (for example, Sales Process), each of Process group will have relevant Processes (for example, Sales to Cash, Sales Return). Each process will have several stages (Stage) related to a role (Role) in charged, and finally, each stage will have many tasks (Tasks) involved. These tasks can be implemented on Epicor software, other softwares or externally, manually.

The process will also be exported to HTML and placed on the Company Portal. Therefore the managers and relevant employees can access and understand clearly their tasks as well as their roles in the system. With that advantage, the training to new employees is also much easier.

Due to the process has been divided based on the role (Role) in the enterprise and with a certain role, we can see immediately which step is related to this role in the process and can answer by ourselves for the question whether the tasks for the in-charged person with this role is overloaded or not.

Existing Best Practices Business Processes Following Epicor ERP