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Many businesses today have realized the importance of using enterprise management or production management solutions to optimize business and production efficiency. These solutions can help enhance manageability and improve efficiency in a variety of ways. To choose the most suitable managing solution, businesses can consider the following steps: 

1. Set up an evaluation committee 

Establish a review committee consisting of senior management, experts, and end users from different departments. These leaders and senior managers participate and agree in the process of selecting and considering using a consulting unit. Enterprises provide the necessary requirements for each department to help facilitate the process of choosing the right features and functions for the business. 

2. Assess the current state of the business 

Businesses need to look at the current process and scale, identify what has worked well, and identify challenges and areas for improvement to be able to solve them with ERP. After identifying the problem that needs to be solved, it is possible to choose the right solution for the business. 

SWOT analysis. Source:

3. Criteria setting 

After performing steps 1 and 2, enterprises should evaluate solution providers by criteria such as solution features, industry knowledge, total investment cost, deployment platform, support capabilities, weighted assessment, etc. This is an important step to select a few reputable solution providers and conduct a direct evaluation. 

4. Schedule a consultation 

Businesses can talk to many ERP vendors by phone, or email. From there, businesses can better understand the suitability of the solution for the business processes. 

5. Shortlists 

After consultation, enterprises can choose 3-5 potential suppliers to continue working with. 

Table of evaluation criteria for ERP solution providers. Source Ms. Kim Dung Country General Director of Epicor Vietnam

Scoreboard after assessment. Source Ms. Kim Dung Country General Director of Epicor Vietnam

Table of notes

6. Partner contact 

Enterprises and partners arrange meetings to exchange needs and present and demo solutions. Thanks to this, businesses can directly understand how the solution works when it is applied. In addition, it is more important that the business is sure of the commitment and close coordination between the business and the partner to ensure that the solution not only meets the needs right now but also accompanies them in the future. future development. 

7. Prepare questions 

In the process of assessing the status quo and setting the criteria for the company, it is certain that the business will have questions that need to be answered. Therefore, before meeting directly with the demo, businesses need to prepare relevant questions to answer these questions. The information collected in this process not only helps businesses choose the right direction but also facilitates their ability to easily overcome challenges and optimize business performance. 

8. Check references 

Enterprises should talk to companies that have implemented ERP to consult on some questions such as: Is the system working as expected? Satisfaction score: not satisfied? How do solution providers and implementers help? From there, make the final decision on the solution and implementation partner. 

The above steps play an important role in ensuring the success and effectiveness of the project. And by taking these steps correctly and with a plan, businesses can create a great opportunity to improve business performance, optimize operational processes, and achieve long-term growth goals. 

3S Software Co., Ltd. 

Company 3S has been the leading and longest-standing partner in Vietnam of Epicor Software Company (USA) since 2004, one of the 5 largest Enterprise Management Software Solution Providers in the world. 3S not only brings software or a program to customers but also provides a flexible and comprehensive management solution suitable for the size of each business. The solutions provided by 3S are always of high quality, but the cost is very reasonable. Along with complying with the Epicor Signature Project Implementation Methodology drawn from thousands of projects globally, 3S always brings the most suitable solution to Customers. 

The four main solutions of 3S include: 

Epicor ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning 

Epicor MES – Manufacturing Execution System 

BPM XSOL Solution – Business Modeling Solution 

ECM DOCSTAR Solution – Digital Content Management Software 



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