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Even under ideal conditions, manufacturers still encounter some difficulties. For a product to reach customers, it must pass through many stages. Just a few problematic steps create the feeling that this is a tough, never-ending battle. In addition, challenges such as demanding customers and disrupted and stagnant supply chains have forced manufacturers to quickly adapt to change. Instead of constantly having to deal with the same difficulties, how can businesses overcome and grow?

Keep devices running efficiently with IIoT.

The factory is working as busy as ever, but suddenly a machine breaks down. At worst, employees just have a headache because they have to think of a way to fix it right away. Worst of all, the entire production process stalls. Applying predictive maintenance to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can avoid these stressful situations.

Andrew Robling, Director of Product Marketing at Epicor, explains: “By using sensors connected to equipment and tools, manufacturers can know when machinery is malfunctioning or failing before it occurs. it happened.”

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IIOT allows sensors, such as vibration sensors or liquid level sensors, to be attached to machinery to report back information.

“When a sensor goes beyond predetermined thresholds, the IIoT solution can set off an alarm or notify maintenance about a pending problem,” he adds. The key to an efficient factory is having execution data.

“Manufacturers are continually trying to streamline their business operations by increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing machine downtime,” said Robling. By adopting IIoT solutions, businesses can easily and securely connect to smart devices that collect data to streamline their operations.

“By simply tracking process times and using the information to identify where disruptions occur, businesses can make changes to gain efficiencies,” he explains.

IIoT allows businesses to gain real-time information. Sensors will collect specific critical parameters, such as cycle rate, downtime, and machine health. Based on this information, handle it promptly and avoid mechanical problems.

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Maximize the efficiency of the IT department.

If your IT department is spending more time interfering with data than making decisions about the numbers, it’s time to look for another solution.

Elizabeth Cain, director of product marketing at Epicor, shares how the right data system can make a big difference. “An IT department or consultant spends too much time and money connecting ERP data to an existing business intelligence solution. For the average end user, deciphering what they compile may be no easier than looking at an Excel sheet with row upon row of statistics.”

Using a comprehensive ERP system with intuitive and detailed analytics and content that integrates all areas of the business, businesses will have immediate access to real-time, user-friendly data that provides a full picture of the business. All are available; do not take up much of the business’s IT resources.

Choosing hosting for your solution is another way to optimize your IT department. Maintaining a large business intelligence system with an on-premise solution is not easy. Cloud-based hosting ensures more powerful processing capacity and broader data, thereby optimizing the IT department as well as minimizing unnecessary and expensive server costs.

The cloud platform deployed by 3S provides the highest performance, strongest scalability, and greatest reliability.

As Cain explains, cloud platforms allow businesses to properly utilize the data the system collects: “The term ‘big data’ implies that it is supported with the necessary hardware infrastructure to process large and complex data sources, providing instant query results from enterprise-wide data. Until recently, this seemed out of reach for most small and medium-sized manufacturers. However, that has changed with the popularization of these cloud-based services.”

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On-premise solutions often require complex, lengthy upgrades to stay up-to-date. Meanwhile, the cloud platform upgrades automatically. Additionally, hosting ERP on-premise can pose some risks. Software is often stored on the same network as company email, but this creates opportunities for hackers to easily access customer data and business information. Also, servers are usually very expensive! Temperature control malfunctions, or even theft, are big problems. The cloud platform gives businesses a lot of peace of mind and ease of mind.

In addition, the cloud platform allows businesses to access the most advanced technology in the industry. The solution helps businesses be on par with technology, like large organizations. Talent will have the opportunity to show off their best by implementing creative solutions and applying modern technology. This is an advantage over competitors.

3S Software Co., Ltd.  

3S Company is the leading and longest-standing partner in Vietnam of Epicor Software Company (USA) since 2004, one of the five largest business management software solution providers globally. 3S not only brings software or a program to customers but also a comprehensive, flexible management solution suitable to the scale of each business. Along with compliance with the Epicor Signature Project Implementation Methodology, it will help businesses increase production efficiency and improve profits at a very reasonable cost. 3S believes that it will always bring the most satisfaction to customers.  

The five main solutions of 3S include:  

Epicor ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning  

Epicor MES – Manufacturing Execution System  

BPM XSOL Solution – Business Modeling Solution  

ECM DOCSTAR Solution – Digital Content Management Software  

Epicor CADLINK solution – The solution allows transferring information from CAD drawings such as AutoCAD, Solidworks to Epicor ERP 



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