How do businesses attract and retain skilled workers, operate efficiently, support customers, and drive revenue? This question is always a problem that businesses face throughout their business operations. But in today’s technological era, this can be solved with an Epicor MES solution deployed by 3S in Vietnam. 

Advanced manufacturing execution systems (AMES) can help businesses streamline and succeed despite labor shortages. Streamlining and automating operations can help businesses increase productivity, access data remotely, and train employees faster. 

Speed up the training process for new employees. 

Every manufacturing facility faces a battle for revenue and the challenge of keeping staffing levels steady. New employees and temporary workers are recruited on an ongoing basis to handle urgent or seasonal needs. New workers may not know the business’ industry, but the business needs to train employees quickly. MES solutions support intuitive touchscreen interfaces that provide access to the information they need to quickly get up to speed, including: 

  • Training documents and videos
  • Work instructions and detailed drawings
  • Processing steps
  • Support “Call for help.”

MES also has certifications or training skills that integrate management capabilities. The solution provides control when an operator is ready and qualified to run a machine. Certification can be based on the completion of training or on performance evaluation. 

For example, an operator is not allowed to run a machine alone until they have demonstrated 60% OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) or better. The information collected by MES is used in conjunction with program controls to help businesses determine which workers to schedule on specific resources. 


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Automatically collect and report production data. 

When bringing new employees to the factory floor, a business may want them to learn how to operate a particular machine or work area. Reducing the complexity that comes with implementation will increase efficiency. Things like figuring out how many products are being made, counting the number of products using manual math, writing down information, and finding drawings or images that are causing productivity loss It is also difficult for businesses to avoid frequent interruptions and handoffs of manual processes. This means: 

The operator needs to record production data on a piece of paper collected by another worker. It is then passed on to another employee to translate and enter into the system. When an error is found, the employee needs to go back to see what happened. Workers trying to save time may even wait until the end of their shift to record data, making the process even more error prone. 

Manual data collection reduces productivity and accuracy, with problems including: 

  • Work is incorrectly tracked.
  • Wrong product quantity
  • Digital transformation
  • The time is incorrect
  • Overproduction
  • Inaccurate inventory
  • Increased need for cycle counting
  • Employee job satisfaction

MES solutions automate and streamline all of that with: 

  • Automatic conversion—this eliminates the need for manual math, going to a screen, and selecting the product or job they are working on.
  • Automatic product counting—the number of qualified or unqualified products is automatically counted and displayed on the screen. This helps businesses easily control and make the right and quick decisions.
  • Alerts—automated alerts, automated communication, and rapid response help minimize downtime and keep production on schedule.

Get accurate, real-time visibility. 

The data a business collects in an MES solution also provides more accurate, real-time information, which can be used to execute faster and make quicker decisions. Cumulative efficiency helps businesses reduce overall labor by: 

  • Improve inventory accuracy and check product availability. Operators no longer have to go directly to the factory.
  • Create visibility into how parts are running, and machines are performing that general managers can see remotely.
  • Monitor the performance of each machine while allowing machine operators to see how their machines are performing. This leads to more effective and proactive improvements.
  • Allows office workers more flexibility and access to systems so they can work remotely or from home.

Automate process monitoring to minimize the frequency of physical inspections. 

The AMES system also collects processing data as products are made. For example, AMES can collect and monitor product temperature, pressure, and vibration. Information is gathered directly from the PLC on the machine or from IoT sensors or actuators. Use processes, quality statistical methods, and automated product evaluation. 

AMES capabilities help businesses determine when a product is outside the acceptable process so they can program: 

  • Turn on the red light
  • Turn on the alarm
  • Make announcements on the business PA (Public Address) system
  • Shutdown
  • Open the door on the conveyor belt to push out substandard products

The goal is to prevent substandard products from entering the production line or even reaching the business’s customers. 

Automation allows operators to focus on producing products instead of spending time on manual quality checks. Operator efficiency is improved, and businesses also save more time on quality inspection. 

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Improve productivity 

AMES performance analytics data also provides information to help businesses understand exactly what activities employees are performing and how effectively they are performing, with detailed data about each operator. 

Businesses can track work performance and schedule work for the best employees where they are needed most. Businesses can also determine how to assign employees by experience level and see where job instructions or training are needed if employees are underperforming. 

Integrated performance analytics like OEE give businesses visibility into workstation performance. Workers want to do well, and sharing the results of their work with them can be a motivator. Share success, reward performance, and motivate your workforce with data ranked from performance numbers. 

Monitor the production performance of the enterprise. 

Tracking progress with an AMES system helps businesses understand how they’re performing, giving them insight into how to adjust and optimize. For example, better understand the quantity and speed of product production that the business desires. 

Businesses can track the following: 

  • Number of workers and shifts needed for production needs
  • Number of components to be produced
  • Time when components to be ready
  • The enterprise’s OEE 
  • Recruitment needs of the business

Businesses no longer must predict and can make better decisions with more confidence. 

Attract talent with technology. 

Employees love coming to a workplace that has the tools to help them succeed. An easy-to-use operator interface makes data entry easy, which is essential for optimal worker performance and satisfaction. The built-in “call for help” ability also means employees get help when they need it. No more wandering around looking for help with machinery in the workshop. 

3S Software Co., Ltd.  

3S Company is the leading and longest-standing partner in Vietnam of Epicor Software Company (USA) since 2004, one of the five largest business management software solution providers globally. 3S not only brings software or a program to customers but also a comprehensive, flexible management solution suitable to the scale of each business. Along with compliance with the Epicor Signature Project Implementation Methodology, it will help businesses increase production efficiency and improve profits at a very reasonable cost. 3S believes that it will always bring the most satisfaction to customers.  

The five main solutions of 3S include:  

Epicor ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning  

Epicor MES – Manufacturing Execution System  

BPM XSOL Solution – Business Modeling Solution  

ECM DOCSTAR Solution – Digital Content Management Software  

Epicor CADLINK solution – The solution allows transferring information from CAD drawings such as AutoCAD, Solidworks to Epicor ERP 



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