There is a bitter reality that most ERP solutions deployed by businesses have a very high failure rate. This number in Vietnam is incredibly high, at 65%–75%. And you’re probably extremely worried about this number. It is truly a big challenge for your business. Do you really want to change your business? Are you looking to create a stronger breakthrough? But are you afraid of losing money and time? Will your business even go bankrupt if your ERP project fails?

A suitable ERP solution must meet two basic factors:

1 is to streamline the daily work processes of the business.
2 is to be suitable for the future development of the business.
You may be overwhelmed by the plethora of ERP software on the market today. It includes software made by foreign companies and some domestic companies. Who will you put your trust in? How do I choose an effective ERP solution? Are foreign ERP solutions such as Epicor software, SAP, etc. suitable? Or are solutions from domestic companies more effective? Costs are something you will have to discuss. But more important are efficiency and suitability for your business. And you need to know how to find it.

Why is finding an effective and suitable ERP solution so important for businesses?

A suitable ERP solution will help processes work together “smoothly” on a single system. ERP creates and stores information scientifically. ERP also helps analyze and make more accurate business decisions. ERP solutions are truly effective when they help increase business performance.

Effective ERP software needs to meet the following requirements:
Finance: Improve control of your company’s assets, cash flow, and accounting.
Supply chain and service operations: streamline purchasing, production, control, and order processing.
Customer Relations: Provide better customer service while increasing cross-selling and reselling opportunities.
Projects: Manage billing and monitor projects to deliver resources on time and within your budget.
Human resource management: attract, hire, manage, and pay employees appropriately, helping your business grow stronger.
Business Intelligence: Provides easy-to-use tools that help you analyze, report, and conduct business intelligence.

Benefits from the ERP system

When you have ambitions to develop and expand on a global scale, ERP software allows your company to maintain visibility and standardize business processes. You can work around the world and move into new markets. Some benefits of ERP software allow you to:

Consolidate your supply chain. Easily collaborate with other partners and suppliers across your value chain. Manage supply activities more closely and better.
Expand into new markets with ease. Support new locations, geographies, and industries with minimal IT effort.
Simplify your IT environment: standardize on a single ERP solution and easily innovate by leveraging existing IT investments.
Good tips to help you deploy the most effective ERP system.
Finding and then implementing the right ERP software can be a daunting task. With a little careful preparation, you can go a long way. Here are three steps to help you get started with an effective ERP solution:

1. Methodical research and survey

Be honest in answering the questions: What did I do well? What do I still worry about? How does my business compare to my competitors? Compare business indicators with industry indicators. How do I need to develop? Do I need a larger market share?

2. Consider your options carefully.

Once you have a grasp of the requirements and the process, you want to get started. Only you can carefully research the ERP technology that meets your needs. You don’t just look at where the business is now; you need to consider what the business will be like in the future. Then find an ERP solution that will help you get there.

3. Choose your partner wisely.

The right technology partner can help you deploy the software you need easily. In addition to the fact that they are good at IT techniques, they need to understand financial management, production, supply chain management, etc. The partners you choose need to have experience and a deep understanding of your operations, processes, and business operations.

And you should remember that not every famous foreign partner will help you succeed. The important thing is that you need a partner who can accompany you throughout the operation process. Good support, adjustment, and improvement from partners after you have accepted the software is also a factor that will help you deploy a successful ERP system.

3S Software Co., Ltd. 

3S Company is the leading and longest-standing partner in Vietnam of Epicor Software Company (USA) since 2004, one of the five largest business management software solution providers globally. 3S not only brings software or a program to customers but also a comprehensive, flexible management solution suitable to the scale of each business. Along with compliance with the Epicor Signature Project Implementation Methodology, it will help businesses increase production efficiency and improve profits at a very reasonable cost. 3S believes that it will always bring the most satisfaction to customers. 

The five main solutions of 3S include: 

Epicor ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning 

Epicor MES – Manufacturing Execution System 

BPM XSOL Solution – Business Modeling Solution 

ECM DOCSTAR Solution – Digital Content Management Software 

Epicor CADLINK solution – The solution allows transferring information from CAD drawings such as AutoCAD, Solidworks to Epicor ERP 


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